Jun 3, 2016

Flowers around me

In our Front Yard


strawberry geranium
In our back yard
Serissa japonica
urn orchid
In our neighborhood



On the riverbank


At the back of the church

moss phlox



Apr 29, 2016


I took these pictures in the park next to the city library. Azaleas are in bloom this year a few weeks earlier than usual.



Apr 23, 2016

#10 Thankful: April 23

the homemade cookies Kaneko gave me last Sunday

crocheted flowers I've made this week


a kind of morning glory that Mr. H* has given us

beautiful days

 lovely flowers I found in our neighborhood while I was taking a walk
flowers they are growing in a small garden at the back of the church



Apr 16, 2016

#10 Thankful: April 16


 the Thunberg's meadowsweet I saw while taking a walk last Sunday

the homemade hanger that my aunt gave me
the book I borrowed from the city library,
which has the lyrics to chorales arranged by J. S. Bach
and their Japanese translation
the whole grain bread I baked on Monday
the spring stars in our garden
a corsage I've crocheted
another corsage I've crocheted
another crocheted corsage
(I'm being hooked on a new hobby.)
lovely snowdrops in our neighborhood
the weeping cherry tree in front of the city library is in full blossom